Monday, January 15, 2018

A suggestion for the All-Star Game

While the series "Website - A Page A Day" is being delayed by all kinds of things, here comes a short post on a different topic.

Last year, in my opinion, the accuracy shooting competition which included shooting the pack from the goal line into a small hole was, in my opinion a total failure. Mike Smith's spectacular score across the rink did the injustice and provided a false impression this skill contest was any good. Otherwise, the competition was not exciting to say the least.

Therefore, here's a suggestion to replace it: reverse shootouts.

Let the goaltenders shed their equipment for once, and let the skaters don it instead. Let's have a competition where the goaltenders skate and attempt to score in shootout, while the skaters try to stop them. I am sure that somewhere in the back of their minds that would fulfill a little dream both parties would have!

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