Tuesday, January 16, 2018

The Website - A Page A Day, Part II - The League section and the Daily Summary

Part I

It looks like it's time to resume our Website - A Page A Day series.


The first section available on our website is the League section. It contains pages either describe statistics applicable to the entire league, rather than to a specific team, player or coach, such as, for example, the West vs East account, or the statistics go across different categories, for instance, the Warm Welcome page that is applicable to the teams as we as the goaltenders.

We'll start with the first page of this first section - the Daily Summary.

This page looks like most of the data pages of this website:

  • A menu on the top (we remove the game ticker to lighten the pages)
  • A section navigation on the left
  • Main data pane on the right, featuring graphs and tables
  • A utility menu on the bottom.

This page features the summaries applicable for today's games. This page is planned very much like an ever going work in progress, but currently only two items are featured:

The historic tally of today's coaches against each other

Our database features games from the season 1987/88 through current. Our statistics account for these games in the last 30+ years. This is usually sufficient to cover all active coaches' encounters. However we plan to integrate the remaining seventy years, from 1917 to 1986, as they became available from NHL.

The predictions for today's games by our model

We display the matches for the day where we calculate the expected number of goals by each team against its opponent, and derive the probability of a win from these expected scores.

As the rosters become available for the upcoming games, we adjust our prediction by these rosters, otherwise best-scoring rosters are used. This may change in the future. The predictions by the published rosters are marked by asterisks.

Beneath the table there is a set of useful links:

  • 'Table' link that produces a pristine, unstyled table in a separate frame for easy re-use
  • 'Link' link that points at the table which is currently being displayed (this one is more useful for paged and/or filtered listings)
  • Tweet button that allows you to share this page on Twitter
  • Like button that allows you to like this page for Facebook
Possible future additions:
  • Historical browsing of previous predictions
  • Elaboration of the scoring components
  • Change in the win probability formula
  • Your ideas are welcome!

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