Sunday, January 19, 2020

A challenging task - part II

Part I

So, after a few delays and long contemplation, the page regarding coaches' and teams' treatment by the NHL's Situation Room in Toronto has been added to the website under the section 'League' and the title 'Toronto Love'.

We provide statistics, per season, on how many initiated challenges a particular team or a coach won or lost, and also whether that side "won" or "lost" a challenge by the opponent, or in a league-initiated challenge or a video review - merely by the outcome being in favor or against the given team. Not all situations could've been accounted for but we estimate more than 99% were.

A narrative has been supported. The San Jose Sharks' treatment this season has been unprecedented and bad. Both by the difference in bad-good outcomes and by margin from the nearest team.

The page will be expanded in the future, providing span data as well as graph cards.

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